How To Use It

What's this?

This is a web service which provides a function to generate an image of a mathematical expression so that you can embed it to your Blogs, Wikis and so on.

Let's make an image for a formula

There is the form for making an image for a formula in the top page. You can share the formula of which you're interested from the form by entering a mathematical expression.

Preview of the expression is rendered once 3 seconds so that you can see the figure of the formula. If you get a pleasing result, let's share the formula by clicking the submit button. And then, the page has a HTML snippet to embed the image to your blogs.

Embed a formula into your blog post

You can embed a mathematical expression by writing a blog entry including a HTML like this

<a href="\int_0^{x}g(t)\,dt">
  <img src="\int_0^{x}g(t)\,dt.png" />

The HTML above will be converted into the image below.

You should wrap the IMG tag with the A tag as presented above. Please note the URIs being slightly different. The URI of IMG tag contains ".png" at the end.

Discuss about a formula

This service provides a place for discussing about a formula.

Each formulae has its page in this site. You can access to the page if you click the link of the A tag explained above. For example, here is the page for the formula appeared in above.

The page has a comment-form so that you can discuss about the formula with others who are interested in it. You need neither registrations nor signing up. Let's get started!

NOTE: To edit a page of a formula, you must leave a comment to the page in order to prevent SPAM. The comment must have your name and password. You can edit the page as long as the comments you left exist.

If you've faced a problem...

Could you report the problem to here so that we can solve it. Thank you your cooperation and patience.